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Re: Sigh... (Indians' Fan Lament)
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He was a bad manager when he was here. But if you like him, more power to you.

I'll back up what others have said here with a question. Does Manny go out to argue calls/talk to the umps in Cleveland? He didn't here and it seemed like the Umps shoved it to the Nats on anything close, since they knew Manny was going to stand on the dugout steps and chew his gum.

Manny's record over 6 seasons: 357-479 - a .427 winning percentage. Do you feel like he's getting the most out of his roster?

Look, the on-field stuff, double switches, lineups is maybe 20% of the manager's job. The hard part is managing the clubhouse and getting the players to accept their roles, communicating changes, being consistent, etc. I don't know what his clubhouse was like here, since I wasn't in there, but it seemed to improve when he left...

That's a major problem I do have with Acta.  He just doesn't have fire power to him.  We've gotten jipped in quite a few calls this year, and all I've ever seen Acta do is stand there with his arms folded and shaking his head in disagreement.  He doesn't go out and argue with the umps, and he just seems like he doesn't want to lose his spot in the dugout.  He has a great repoire with the players (but then again when you have some players like Lillibridge, Duncan, Damon, Hanahan, Sipp, etc... who are just happy to be on a major league roster - I can see why).  (God only knows what Santana, Kipnis, Cabrera, Brantley, Choo, Pestano, etc... are all thinking).

I do like Acta because he's gotten some of our hitters, who for some reason, forgot how to hit, to hit. 

...But actually come to think of it, I think that's more the accomplishment of our bench coach Sandy Alomar Jr.  I've been upset with the fact that Acta loves to play inferior players against top pitchers.

I guess in retrospect, I like Acta as a person.  He's a friendly guy and whatnot, but I do think that if we don't start turning the season around (hell, we got swept by the last place the worst division in baseball - and when I say swept, I mean manhandled), then he needs to go.  I'd love to see Sandy Alomar Jr. take over as manager and hire Omar Vizquel (who will be retiring after this year) as his bench coach.  Would be really cool.  Alomar is loved as is Vizquel by Cleveland fans - and people around MLB.  And they actually go out and get on the umps...

But that's why it's good I'm a Nats fan as well.  When they were in Montreal, I was helping out by going around getting signatures to support the move here from people like me. (Just regular joes).  I love the game baseball - nothing like it.  And I love DC having a baseball team - seeing as they had it ripped away from them...twice.  The lineup the Nats have is sick.  Right now the Nats are talking about getting Kelly Shoppach (C) from Boston - who played for Cleveland.  Good player - not the strongest arm.  And if we did that proposed trade (just for fun), I mentioned earlier, imagine this lineup:  RF - Choo, LF - Harper 3B - Zimmerman 1B - LaRoche CF - Morse   SS - Desmond  2B - Espinosa  1B - Ramos/Shoppach.

We already all know the pitching staff is filthy.  Honestly, I don't think there is one better in MLB.