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Re: Sigh... (Indians' Fan Lament)
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I don't see how Nats fans think he's a bad manager.  How can you claim as such when Jim Bowden was the one who physically gave you garbage players.  Its just like Chris Antonetti in Cleveland.  Bowden got almost every cut or waived Reds player.  With Antonetti, he likes getting bums like Cunningham, Damon, Lillibridge, Donald, Jimenez, Lowe, Tomlin, Sipp...

If we had better decision making

He was a bad manager when he was here. But if you like him, more power to you.

I'll back up what others have said here with a question. Does Manny go out to argue calls/talk to the umps in Cleveland? He didn't here and it seemed like the Umps shoved it to the Nats on anything close, since they knew Manny was going to stand on the dugout steps and chew his gum.

Manny's record over 6 seasons: 357-479 - a .427 winning percentage. Do you feel like he's getting the most out of his roster?

Look, the on-field stuff, double switches, lineups is maybe 20% of the manager's job. The hard part is managing the clubhouse and getting the players to accept their roles, communicating changes, being consistent, etc. I don't know what his clubhouse was like here, since I wasn't in there, but it seemed to improve when he left...