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Re: Sigh...
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It's frustrating to be an Indians fan.  I think Manny Acta is a good manager, but our front office is full of air-heads.  Larry Dolan (Owner) and Chris Antonetti (GM) are awful.  We have a limited farm system, and our owner won't spend money. 

But being a Nats fan as well, I'm happy to see the success of the Nats.  Honestly, I could see them making the World Series.

Hey, I got a good idea.  Lets make a trade.  We trade Shin-Soo Choo to the Nats for Jayson Werth and a few minor league prospects.

Welcome!  My older brother is die-hard Indians fan (you're not in Des Moines by chance, are you?).  Your gripes are the same ones that have been brought up around here for years (especially the owners being cheap!).  I wasn't a big Acta fan when he was here, but maybe he's a good manager.  There's still slight hope for the Indians this season, so who knows...