Will the Nats win 100 games?

36 (67.9%)
17 (32.1%)

Total Members Voted: 53

Author Topic: 100 wins watch - now with poll!  (Read 4156 times)

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Re: 100 wins watch - now with poll!
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I'm questioning whether they really wants the number 1 seed.   Not to say they would tank games, or not play hard, but subconsciously they may feel that they are in better shape with the two seed - (1) they know who they are going to play, as opposed to having to wait to see who wins the wild card game (2) they might prefer to play the Giants than either Atlanta or the Cards.

They're playing like they want the #1 seed.  They want to play the best they can.  I'll take a matchup vs. a team that had to play an extra high stress game.