Will the Nats win 100 games?

36 (67.9%)
17 (32.1%)

Total Members Voted: 53

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Re: 100 Win Watch
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I guess we're going to fall 2-3 wins short, because the Phillies are going to beat us in those last two series.  As soon as we actually clinch (which I'm guessing happens against Milwaukee after we take 2 of three from the Braves), Davey's going to ease off and let starters rest, let the AAA guys get some playing time, etc.  Won't be a long losing streak or anything, but enough that we could go 3-6 or 4-5 in the last nine games.

The only caveat is that if Davey decides to go for the best record in the NL, then all bets are off - we could do it.  That Dodgers series is going to be one to watch.

uhm best record in the NL matters a lot this year b/c of the new playoff format.  Unless the Reds collapse, we'll be playing important games until the end.  Also, resting starters?  I thought if a starter skipped a start it was basically guaranteed they'd blow out their arm the next time they picked up a baseball.  At least thats what all the Strasburg shutdown people told me.