Will the Nats win 100 games?

36 (67.9%)
17 (32.1%)

Total Members Voted: 53

Author Topic: 100 wins watch - now with poll!  (Read 5223 times)

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Re: 100 Win Watch
« Reply #100: September 07, 2012, 12:15:53 AM »
I think being sharp going into the post season is pretty motivating, especially for this team that will hear nothing but Strasburg this and Strasburg that.  That will be incredibly motivating for this team.  This team has been been so incredibly locked in since that collapse to Atlanta and they just got that scab picked today by one of the worst teams in baseball.  This team won't lack for motivation.

I think that's Davey's number 1 goal down the stretch here is to put the pedal down and don't let up for one second. I think that's why you're seeing the starters stay in games, why they're still swinging and stealing bases with a 5 run lead, etc.,

I dig it - I think it's a great strategy.  Fastest way to derail momentum is to get complacent