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Re: Follow the Prospects: Tony Renda, 2B
« Topic Start: November 03, 2012, 09:36:48 AM »
Link to his fangraphs page:

between 9 & 10% on both BB and Ks is nice for this system.  Ended the year with a good but not dominant OBP (.341) and no SLG (.295).  15 SB, 3 CS.

Here is Mike Newman's impressions{/url]:

Another “nice little player”, Renda has foot and bat speed to spare, but showed little pop in his short season debut. A second round pick who probably would have gone lower had the Nationals not shot for the moon by drafting Lucas Giolito, Renda has a big league projection, but little upside to speak of. Like Gennett, Renda not being able to play any shortstop hurts his versatility and negatively impacts his prospect value.

A bit more from Newman from an early July scouting trip:
Another observation from watching Auburn multiple times is that the Washington Nationals must be prepared to pay first-round pick Lucas Giolito whatever it will take for him to sign (within draft pool limitations of course). Beginning with second-round pick Tony Renda, an undersized second baseman with limited upside, most of organization’s top-10 picks are in Auburn and it’s easy to see they saved a few bucks at the top of the draft. In Discussing Renda, it’s safe to say he’ll be referred to as “a good little prospect” by scouts for the next few years since the description fits both literally and figuratively. A plus runner, Renda has the present skills and instincts of at least an above-average second baseman defensively. He also has a short, compact stroke with quick hands which should produce plenty of line drives. However, his power potential and upside are limited and a more relaxed load pre-swing would help him drive the baseball more often, instead of little pokes back through the box.

BTW - Newman wasn't completely negative in his write up.  He had nice things to say on Wander Ramos and the Auburn facility.  I'll post the Ramos stuff in the follow the minors thread.