Author Topic: YNOT 2012 | Edition 16: 3 at NYM, 4 at MIL (Mon-Sun), Guessing Game  (Read 330 times)

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1. What will the Nationals Won-Loss record be for these 7 away games?  5-2
2. How many runs will the Nationals score in the 7 games? (within 3 runs count as a point).  34
3. How many runs will the Mets and Brewers score in these 7 games? (within 3 runs count as a point)  27
4. How many hits will the Brewers' All Star Ryan Braun get in the 4 games?  5
5. How many StrikeOuts will the Mets' All Star knuckleballer R. A. Dickey pitch? (within 1 counts as a point.)   7
6. How many Earned Runs will Jordan Zimmerman allow in his 2 starts combined?   4
7. How many StrikeOuts will Gio Gonzalez pitch in his 2 starts combined? (within 2 counts as a point.)   14
8. Roger Bernadina, Tyler Moore, Corey Brown: who gets the most outfield STARTS in these 7 games?  Bernadina
9. Will Ryan Zimmerman hit Over/Under 2.5 Home Runs in these 7 games?  Over
10. Will Drew Storen be credited with Over/Under 1.5 Saves in these 7 games?  Under
Tiebreaker: Predict the attendance for Wed, Jul 25 MATINEE, 12:10pm, All Star Stephen Strasburg at Mets' Hefner.  31,678