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Re: Nationals vs Braves, Game 4
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Comparative dates on which the Nationals notched their 55th win, each season:

2012 - 22nd July (94th match of season)
2005 - 23rd July (98th match)
2011 - 7th August (114th match)
2007 - 15th August (120th match)
2006 - 25th August (128th match)
2010 - 28th August (130th match)
2008 - 6th September (143rd match)
2009 - 30th September (158th match)


TODAY WITH THE '05 OVERACHIEVERS: Friday 22nd July 2012, Roger Clemens was the starter for the Astros, but his team didn't really need him as his mates rolled to a 14-1 massacre of the Nats at RFK...record now 54-43...


Still too many Braves fans in the house, but at least our lads shut them up early.

Pilsner Urquell looks like it's here to stay on the Scoreboard Walk...meanwhile, the vendor with the Amstel/Heineken/Stella, a regular on this homestand, visited my section twice today for the second straight day.