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Re: Nationals vs Braves, Game 4
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1st   R Zimmerman homered to right center, B Harper scored.
1st   D Espinosa doubled to deep right center, M Morse scored, D Espinosa to third advancing on throw.   0   3
1st   R Bernadina singled to right, D Espinosa scored.   0   4
3rd   R Zimmerman homered to left.
3rd   D Espinosa singled to right, M Morse scored.
5th   S Leon doubled to deep left, M Morse and D Espinosa scored, R Bernadina to third.

6th   M Prado scored, J Heyward to third on passed ball by S Leon.   1   8
6th   F Freeman grounded out to first, J Heyward scored.

6th   R Bernadina reached on infield single to shortstop, R Zimmerman scored, A LaRoche to third, D Espinosa to second.

                  Atlanta Broves              2
Washington Nationals  9             

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