Author Topic: YNOT 2012 | Edition 15: 3 vs NYM, 3 vs ATL+ YNOT Ed.9 makeup (Tue-Sun)  (Read 294 times)

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The Questions (10) 1st Place=3 points, 2nd=2 points, 3rd=1 point:
1. What will the Nationals Won-Loss record be for these 6 (YNOT Edition 15) home games?  3-3
2. How many runs will the Nationals score in the 6 (YNOT Edition 15) games? (within 3 runs count as a point).  22
3. How many runs will the Mets and Braves score in these 6 games? (within 3 runs count as a point)   18
4. How many hits will the Braves' Chipper Jones get in the 3 (YNOT Edition 15) games?   4
5. How many StrikeOuts will the Mets' All Star knuckleballer R. A. Dickey pitch? (within 1 counts as a point.)  5
6. How many StrikeOuts will Ross Detwiler pitch in his 2 starts combined? (within 2 counts as a point.)  7
7. How many extra base hits (doubles, triples, home runs) will Ryan Zimmerman hit in these 6 (YNOT Ed. 15) games?  9
8. How many Nationals batters will be Left On Base (LOB) in the 3 games against the Mets? (within 2 counts; 1point)  12
9. Will Nationals SP John Lannan allow Over/Under 3.5 Earned Runs against Atlanta?  Over but we'll still win   :pray: :nervous: :thumbs:
10. Which Nationals batter will score the most Runs in these 6 (YNOT Ed. 15) games?  Zimmerman    :mg:
Tiebreaker: Predict the attendance for Thurs, Jul 19 MATINEE, 12:35pm, 2 All Stars: Gio Gonzalez vs Mets' R.S. Dickey.  25455