Author Topic: StanK Is At It Again - This Time With The Dodgers  (Read 654 times)

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Interesting read on StanK's role in the big deal.  Basically, he negotiated it with John Henry at the owners' meeting.   The LAD had been looking at Beckett in July, then he hurt his back.  At the owners' meeting, StanK approached Henry, said they were still interested in Beckett, but really wanted A-Gon.  Henry said A-Gon was not on the block.  StanK said what if we pick up Lackey's contract.  Henry said no.  Then StanK said what if we pick up Crawford's contract (even after it was known that he'd be having TJ). That's what got the deal into high gear.

Gonzalez was not available, Kasten was told.

Kasten pressed on, inquiring if the Red Sox’ stance would change if the Dodgers were to take on the remaining contracts of both John Lackey and Beckett. The answer was still no at that point. Then Kasten added the name of Carl Crawford, still owed $102.5 million beginning with next year through 2017, to that list.

The Red Sox were caught by surprise, to say the least, to hear that Crawford, who just underwent Tommy John surgery on his elbow, was of interest.

“As soon as Crawford entered the conversation, then there was something to talk about,’’ said one baseball source.

A few of us wanted the Nats to pick up some overpaid players on expiring contracts back before StanK left in order to have a more competitive team on the field at that time while also continuing to develop the system.  Basically, the it's only money approach that is easy for fans and tough for owners.  Looks like StanK would not have been the obstacle to that approach.