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Re: Follow the Prospects: Nathan Karns
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Karns' father is a commander in the USN.  Karns was a heavily recruited football player in HS,  but decided to focus on baseball.   He did not play fall ball, as he was playing football until the last game of his senior year.   He was in the All American Games in 2006, seen here with John Danks (
He can dial to 97-98..but sits in the mid 90's.
  What few know is this kid can really swing the bat.    From perfect game, ( years ago) "..... Another thing he can do is really swing the bat. Karns showed us some of the best power potential of any player at the showcase regardless of year or position Keep an eye on this young man, he is an "06" with an extremely bright future in baseball. "
 In HS, and the summer league circuits, he was known for his bat , his speed and fielding skills.   It will be interesting to see if he remembers how to swing the bat...not many pitchers out there can do both.

good intel and welcome to the board :clap:

i heard an interview he did w/ potomac's radio broadcast team the other day ... he sounds like a real humble kid and that he understands the game really well. 

i'm looking forward to seeing his progress, especially when he joins Rosenbaum in AA.  from what i know of his stuff (and from watching limited video), his heater sits at 92-94 with good sink (but as you said he can dial it to 96).  I've heard different things about his breaking pitch, some say it's more of a 12-6 curve, others say it's more of a slider.  What separates him from a lot of other similar prospects w/ the same stuff ... his changeup is pretty damn good.