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Follow the Prospects: Nathan Karns, RHP
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I'd appreciate it if some of the folks who know good minor league data sources would add to this thread.  I'll get it started with some of the basics. 

Nathan Karns, RHP
born Nov. 25, 1987
Hometown - Arlington, TX
6'5" 230 lbs (OC can convert to kilos, AussieNatsFan can convert to stones (17?))
2009 12th Round, $225,000 (over slot) from Texas Tech

Prospect Rankings:
2013 - #7 Nats
2013 Baseball America - #5 Nats
2013 Fangraphs - #13 Nats
SB Nation / Minor League Ball (Sickels) - #6 Nats, B-
ESPN/KLaw - #99 overall

honors / awards -
6/18/12 - Carolina League Pitcher of  the week

Fangraphs page
baseball reference page
MILB page

Wears lucky #13.  Missed 2010 with an injured shoulder.  Only pitched  55 innings prior  to this year (all in 2011), but has exploded in  the Sally and the Carolina leagues in his first full  season with a combined ERA around 2.3, 80 hits and walks over 78 innings, a K/9 > 12 at both levels, and a K:BB of 3:1.  he has been a groundball pitcher this year (ground out to air out ratio of 1.33, improving at the higher level).

Scouting video from 2009
Note that he is  the rare Nats pitcher without the inverted W. 

His college profile notes that  he was born in PA and his Dad was in the Army.  Also spent his freshman year at NC State.

A draft review from Andy Seiler at
This was a pick I immediately identified as a potential steal if the Nationals were able to sign him. Karns has a plus fastball with a potentially devastating slider, but his mechanics are all screwed up, leading to some awful command. His pro body (6’5’’/225) is watched with extreme interest from scouts, but he fell this far due to the mechanics questions. He still hasn’t signed, and he’s currently pitching in the Texas Collegiate League, where he’s flashing his plus stuff and poor command.

2013 season - assigned to Harrisburg