Author Topic: 2012 Summer Olympics and Qualifying Rounds  (Read 7235 times)

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I hope Cancellara can compete in the time trial, but that shoulder did not look good.  When Spain had 3 in the up front bunch, and one was Luis Leon Sanchez, I thought I might have nailed it (see reply #8). 

Nicely timed break by Uran. Teejay was gassed, and no help from Spain (back of the break so could  not react) or Swiss (with Cancellara down, less incentive), who had riders in the break.  When Oz placed O'Grady in the break all day, they had no incentive to chase and deliver Cavendish to the line.  The brits needed more cooperation from the sprinter teams, of course.

I thought it interesting that eventually Eisel (Austria) came up to help Cav after Froome fell off.  Friendship before tactics.  Cav paced Eisel in some of the climbing stages in the TdF.