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funny spam subject lines
« Topic Start: June 29, 2012, 09:49:02 AM »
I have a love / hate relationship with the spam blocker at work.  sometimes they block emails from the Nats, especially if it is from, but otherwise it knocks down lots of garbage.  Still, when I get the report about the quarantined messages, there are occasionally  such badly worded / spelled subject lines that I feel like I want to open them just for a laugh (I don't do it, I'm not that dumb).  I thought it would be good to start a thread with just the subject lines and perhaps the addresses of this stuff.

Today's quarantive report had:

From a ".ru" suffix, "Are you relations with wife amazing?"  Should have been signed by Peggy.

I had a "HELLO" from "Freakiesta37" with a ".at" suffix.  I guess we know what Strasburg37 is doing for a living.  Where is .at?  Atlanta?  Isn't that where he was from?

"New Facts about Love" came from someone with an "" address.  Al Jazera?

The strange think is the tow romantic ones were only rated about 70% likely spam, while the "hello" ones were about 90%.  I guess the more specific the subject, the less likely it is spam.