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Re: Nationals @ Rockies, Game 4
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1st   C Gonzalez singled to right, D Fowler scored, M Scutaro to second.
1st   C Nelson grounded into fielder's choice to third, M Scutaro scored, C Gonzalez out at home, T Helton to second.
1st   T Colvin homered to right, T Helton and C Nelson scored.
2nd   C Nelson doubled to left, C Gonzalez scored.
2nd   T Colvin singled to right, C Nelson scored.
3rd   R Zimmerman singled to center, Merry Tyler Moore and E Jackson scored, D Espinosa to third.
3rd   M Morse homered to center, D Espinosa and R Zimmerman scored.

4th   C Gonzalez singled to left center, M Scutaro scored.   5   8
4th   T Colvin tripled to deep center, C Gonzalez scored.   5   9

Washington Nationals  5
          Colorado Rockies        9