Author Topic: Nats and the 2012 Non-Waiver Trade deadline watch  (Read 51214 times)

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I really do not see how anyone can want CarGo or Fowler unless they only do a cursory surface analysis of them. That makes me nervous as to why Rizzo would be interested   :? I've mostly liked his moves up to this point so perhaps he knows something I don't.

I think anybody who looks only at their home/away splits and presumes that you're getting the away player probably is underselling the Nats diligence process.

Just because Coors makes you a better hitter doesn't mean you were a terrible hitter.  To some extent most players have a better home vs. road split.  Coors just exaggerates that effect.  How much it exaggerates is a matter for a lot of detailed analysis. 

Remember the folks who argued that Gio was a creature of A's stadium?  Yeah, that turns out to be not quite true, eh?  Same, maybe, with CarGo or Fowler - yes, they look good at Coors, but that doesn't mean they suck elsewhere.