Author Topic: Nats and the 2012 Non-Waiver Trade deadline watch  (Read 34321 times)

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because he may be the only position we're not locked into long term either by virtue of contract or how the team views the player.

Third and Right are set due to contracts for a very long time

Harper is set at either center or left for a very long time (and even if you slide him to left, you displace Morse and Moore)

second, short and catcher are all manned by young players the FO seems to like and view long term.

That leaves first and left, I think Morse/Moore is less likely to get traded than LaRoche, but that's just me

No I understand that but I'm asking why we should trade him. It would be dumb to trade him for a piece. Sure, in the longrun it may help but if we lose him then we lose our best power bat. We shouldn't trade him just because we can. We're not going into the all star break losing so we don't need to sell.