Author Topic: Nats and the 2012 Non-Waiver Trade deadline watch  (Read 43806 times)

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But I think I would make that trade and fairly easily. Then we keep LaRoche for next year and figure out first base after that.

Justin Upton is a legit all-star with 40 home run power. He's also 24 and signed for the next 3.5 years. He's the type of guy you PRAY a prospect turns into. But he comes ready-made. Actually, I'd do that trade right now. Just give me the trade button to push.

+1.  Which is why it won't happen - it's not nearly enough for Upton.  Add in Desmond, and you might be there.  I might still do it if it were Desmond-Morse-Rendon-Meyer, but that would probably hurt our chances enough this year that it's better as an offseason trade.

I don't think twice about Morse - I'm not convinced of him as a long term answer at 1B or LF.  The second I push that trade button, I turn around and pick up LaRoche's option for next year and pray Espinosa figures it out.  The only trouble is in that case you don't really have a leadoff guy, unless Espi can grow into it, or you commit to platooning Lombo and Espi full time once Werth comes back. You're basically ensuring that 2b has to bat leadoff, so you can go 2b-Upton-Harper-Zimm-LaRoche-Werth-Desmond-Ramos.  Unless you like Werth at leadoff, which i don't.

I don't worry about Rendon in that case either.  Rendon is 22, Upton is 24.  Rendon has a LOT of playing to do if he's going to turn into the player that Upton already is.

Never like to give up a young power arm, but without him, the deal doesn't happen.  Hate to do it, but I'll take the 24 year old all-star.