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No trade might be the best deal

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Am I the only one that thinks the Lombo/Espi platoon is working quite well? Their LH/RH splits are good... both are over .340 OBP against the pitchers they start against.

But they're not platooning. Technically, it's a Lombo/Moore LF platoon. Though I do agree that once Werth is back, they have to seriously considering going to a straight platoon

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And, as it turns out, Washington could offer the Phillies a package that would strongly benefit the Phillies without crippling themselves in the process. As Carson Cistulli noted earlier this week, any premium pitcher being traded — even a rental — is likely to fetch four players. And while the new compensation rules might dampen the return for marquee players, the market, which is likely to have fewer sellers than years past thanks to the second wild card, may cancel that out. As such, let’s take a look at what a four-player package from the Nats to the Phillies might look like.

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Rendon/Espinosa/Meyer/Leon for Hamels he's saying


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Thanks for posting the link, Linty and I already replied with disapproval :lol:

Clearly my retort was a slightly bit more concise than your eloquent and well reasoned response. :lol:

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It would be kind of a stealth stab in the back of Philly if we were to sign Hamels in the offseason after the 'fake tough' stuff and beaning of Harper.

I'd definitely pass on the proposed Fangraphs trade for Hamels.

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What's useful about that post is it gives you an idea of what it takes to add an elite pticher at the deadline.  Just because in hindsight the Brewers players did not work out for CC does not mean that deal wasn't expensive at the time. 

Greinke will not be much cheaper, but you would certainly expect Espinosa to be part of any deal and build from there.

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The only big name that makes any sense to me is Zack Grienke.  He would help keep the rotation a strength after Strasburg gets shut down, and he also fits in long term.  Rizzo also has tried to trade for him before.   

I would start with Alex Meyer and Tyler Moore and see what they say...

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That's very similar to the package I thought it would take to get Justin Upton. And I was ridiculed ....

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If they would streach Strasburg out and stop this shut down talk....
You wouldn't need to trade the farm for Zack Grienke.

Who came up with this 160 limit bull snit anyway?

 "Zack Grienke.  He would help keep the rotation a strength after Strasburg gets shut down"

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Just say No to Zack.   Hes a Malcontent!
Who came up with the innings limit?  Uh Orthopedic Doctors!

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Why is everyone not on the Nats a malcontent?

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It would be amusing to seeing Hamels tryng to plunk Harper on pick off moves to second base but no.

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Just say No to Zack.   Hes a Malcontent!

That's a pretty cruel thing to say about somebody who has struggled with depression and anxiety issues.

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Why is everyone not on the Nats a malcontent?

I didn't say everyone not on the Nats is a Malcontent.  I said Greinke is!  He didn't want us.  Ive heard derogatory comments from him a out other teams.  You don't burn bridges.  You never know who you're going to end up working for.  We got great team chemistry now.  We don't need Greinke to break that up!

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Remember past years when we traded away guys like Guzman, Marquis, Jerry Hairston, and others for a random Single-A prospect? I want to see the Nats add a player or two this season that way. We did last season with Gomes and he was a minor plus. I think we'll probably try to find one more reliever to replace H-Rod.

It is easy to say I'd like to see an extra outfield bat brought in to replace DeRose, but remember our outfield isn't bad right now. With Morse hitting we are now have two spots (Morse+Harper) locked down and in the last remaining spot we can rotate Lombo and Moore. Ankiel and Bernadina are good bench piece. Maybe we bring in an extra OF bat, but the situation immediately becomes very cluttered and then if Werth comes back healthy then the depth gets very deep and ABs become tough to find.

If I could choose, I'd like to see a veteran utility guy. Someone who can play MI and keep Desmond and Espinosa fresh. I know Lombo can play SS but I don't think the coaching staff trusts taking Desmond off the field.


How awesome is it guys like Ankiel and Bernadina, former opening day starters, are finally backups? Right now our bench is made up of guys like Lombo, Moore, etc. I can't think of a season the past few years that our bench wouldn't make up our starters. We obviously have to get better but the improvement is happening. Right now we're asking the question "Is someone better than what we have?" rather than "Please God, get Cora/Guzman/AlGo/Bernie off the field! Trade for anybody!"

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I want me some Ryan Dempster. I'm not in favor of trading a ton for one of the superstar pitchers unless they're willing to immediately sign an extension, which I think is unlikely.

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Heard Olney talking on Mike and Mike yesterday - he was filling in. The two names he mentioned for the Nats were Kevin Milwood and Derek Lowe.

 :spaz: :hang:

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I was thinking yesterday, watching the Phillies being terrible that we should trade for Cliff Lee.  First, since we'd be assuming the final three years of his $20+ million contract (most of it, at least), we wouldn't have to give up any good prospects.  The Phillies would be getting the sub-Cutter Dykstra type prospects.  Also, from the Phillies perspective, they'd have enough money to resign Hamels, further reducing the type of prospects we'd be required to give up.

On the Nationals, Lee would be the substitute for Jackson as Jackson is likely to want a contract longer than three years.  He'll sign for less per year but probably more years.