Author Topic: Nats and the 2012 Non-Waiver Trade deadline watch  (Read 43890 times)

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My guess is that we should flip LaRoche, and I think Danny + pitching puts us in the CarGo market.  I would hate to see Alex Meyer go, but him Rosenbaum and maybe a reliever would give us CarGo.  This would be putting Lombo at 2nd leading off (I know he cooled off, but he is a rookie so he needs time to adjust now that the league adjusted to him) with some combo of Werth/Harper/CarGo/Morse and Zim(when healthy) to go 2-6.  Desmond would be the best 7-hole hitter in the league and Ramos provides some power in the 8 spot.  Keep Moore on the bench another year and when Morse walks in his contract year, place Moore at 1st.