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Re: Nationals @ Rockies, Game 1
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That recovery from long outings is one of the most difficult things when coming back from TJS.  It might well be true, I've just never heard that anywhere before and was curious if you had a reference for that.  The main thing that I had heard was supposed to plague Tommy John comebacks was control; that hasn't seemed to be much of an issue for Stras or JZimm though.

Yes, I have a source.   I just disagreed, vehemently, with it because it wasn't put into proper context.  Yes, I referenced it and disagreed with it at the same time. :)

I read it after his last start and it was about his pitch count in games as opposed to the innings limit.  It mentioned the 110+ pitch count in two of his last three outings without referencing the outing in the middle of the two, his pitch count was 89 and that his last outing occurred with two extra days rest.

I'll try to find it.