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One such:

I'm not an expert on the CBA but I think patronising Phone Booth neighbourhood restaurants/bars is OK - just stay off property actually used by the Caps or other NHL clubs; the only possible objection might be the ones that are on leased Phone Booth space (Greene Turtle, Chipotle et al).

I believe Bumper set the forum so you can't view threads unless you're registered. For those who can't read it, the post OC linked says the following:

For those not on the Facebook (hi JWJr!), an event is being planned in the general area of the VC for what was to be Opening Night, 10/12, should Lockout III persist. Nothing too formal, but just a chance to get out and support the businesses who are truly going to be hosed by the Lockout, the restaurants and bars nearby that are packed before and after Caps games.

To thank the people who make every hockey season special, even the seasons that don't happen, we shall put on our sweaters and Caps gear, gather near the arena to see our friends and fellow fans. We shall then embark on a grand tour of the old stomping ground to show our support for the restaurants and bartenders who have so often kept our spirits up during good times and bad. The owners keep us out of the arenas, the players abandon us for Europe, but our watering holes will never lock us out!

Perhaps a moment of silence when we should be dropping the puck, a candlelight vigil for the first period that isn't, all started by the ceremonial singing of the national anthem.

Alternately just pub crawl China town with your Caps/NHL fan friends, and celebrate what's really important in life: food, friends, and spirits! Transfer that 1% interest you're earning on your season ticket deposit to those who are hurt worst by the lockout!

If you are on Facebook and want to check it out, click here (you may already be invited). You will likely see familiar names already committed, come out and join us, raise your glass in one hand, and your middle finger on the other to salute the NHL.

I suppose the lockout has the one benefit that I used this month's season-ticket payment to buy National League Division Series tickets (the amount for two tickets per game for three games, plus fees, almost exactly matched our portion of the STH installment).