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Re: Washington Capitals 2012-2013
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I'm kind of optimistic. Got a lot of chances, just couldn't get it done. They're slumping. It will stop.

But Carlson sucks. Any defensemen free agents available next season?

The system seems to work. The Leafs and other oppoents have trouble getting out of their zone and into ours. However, once they do, crap goes crazy and whatever can go wrong will: bounces, miscommunication, soft goals etc.

I think they'll be fine, but they are running out of time. The worst case situation is for them to make a run and finish in ninth place. If they woke up tomorrow and traded Ribeiro while he is hot, I could get behind that. Trade some of our extra defensemen. Somebody will give us a late pick for Hamrlik or whatever. This is supposed to be a strong draft. See if you can get a couple picks in the first round. Maybe we win the lottery and get Seth Jones.  Having said that, I'd say give this another 2-3 weeks before selling out.

At least Johanson looked like he knew how to play hockey tonight. Even without the goal it looked like he had a good game, albeit clearing a low bar. Maybe other teams take for granted players that dont fumble passes.

I could use less Chimera streaking down the left and blasting sharp angle shots hide and wide and out of the zone though