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Re: Washington Capitals 2012-2013
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The Caps repeatedly displayed a decibel meter on the big screen while cranking up the loudspeaker volume, how dumb is that, they're not measuring crowd noise they're just showing how loud their audio system can be.  I had free tickets last night and there's no chance I'd pay money to see a game there until they turn down the volume.  All night we had to yell ito hear the person next to us.  The worst was during intermission when they still had the sound at full volume, there's no game going on, I'd like to speak with the people I came with.

they need to stop doing to decibel meter thing. they started it last year in the playoffs and it was kinda cool to see how loud it could get. its going to be played out if they do it every game, particularly for a team that is was 1-5-1 playing against a team that was 2-5