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Re: Washington Capitals 2012-2013
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broke the union, got everything he wanted, now a contract 7 years old isn't good enough for him.

As much I hate Bettman this latest blowup is a direct result of Donald Fehr.  There is a deal on the table that most players would absolutely accept to get back to hockey and Fehr is whispering in their ears, "their compromise is a sign of weakness, lets hold out for more MORE"

The rational owners (i.e. Pittsburgh) convinced the rest of the owners to made a serious compromise that they knew the players would accept to finish this and Fehr convinces them to try and nickel and dime the owners.

Fehr is playing reckless poker with his company credit card.  There is a economic principle based on human emotion that says a player (in the economic sense) will choose to have nothing for himself to SPITE the other side if the other player's offer is insulting or low.

Fehr could have said, "lets take this deal" and it would be done instead he infuriated the owners over a minuscule difference.  He is a jackass.