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Re: Washington Capitals 2012-2013
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On the one hand, it was great to see live hockey again...but on the other, it just pissed me off even more about the lockout.  This time of year just isn't the same without 3 games a week. 

I had never sat in the 200 ("club") level before, and that was a bit of a revelation.  I think the lower 200s might actually be the best seats in the house in that they elevate you enough to be able to watch plays developing and see the entire surface, but at the same time keep you close to the action.  My regular seats (second row in the 400s) give you a great view of the overall game, but you are pretty far away from the ice.  The 100s get you right next to the action, but you lose some of the overall perspective (plus you've got glass and netting and all that other crap to deal with).  Club seats are also a pretty good value...or would be, if there was some damned hockey to watch  :(