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Re: Washington Capitals 2012-2013
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The draught cups at VC during the Hershey Bears game on 06 Dec are going to be full of all kinds of microbial madness walking dead goo.  I guess there will have been Wiz and Hoyas games, but they all drink vodka/merlots and courvoisier & cokes.  Maybe there will be some jurassic rock show to flush the beer lines out. 

Wizards' last home match before that date will have been the 4th (Miami); Hoya Suxa will not have been there since 30th November.

And up in the 400's we Wizards STH (all three of us) don't drink those kind of high-end fact except for 'big' nights there isn't much open in terms of concessions at all at Wizards matchnights.