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Re: NBA Washington Wizards 2012-2013 Season
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The Bobcats have lost 16 straight games and they're STILL 3 games ahead of the Wizards.  :shock:

They beat the Wizards twice.  :shock:

The Wall stuff is just speculation.  Originally it was supposed to be 8 weeks.  It has stretched way beyond that and only now they are saying 'some time in January.'  We'll see.  Hopefully he's ready and they don't rush him back and risk re-injury.  The Gilbert experience (the knee, not the gun), was not the only time the Wizards medical team screwed up. 

At 3-22, what is the point of rushing him back, anyway?  They would be just as well off trying to play Okafor and Ariza (when he comes back from his injury) as much as possible to build some trade value.  If nothing else, maybe they can trade them for expiring contracts (which would put them right back where they were before they traded Shart Lewis for them - also :shock:).  Then lose as much as possible and hire a better GM to make good use of that high draft pick. 

This has season has gone hilariously poorly. They have played some of the worst basketball I have ever seen - Jan Vessley, I'm looking at you :shock:.  And still, we get the same garbage from about positivity and continuity and patient development of young players.