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Re: NBA Washington Wizards 2012-2013 Season
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Nene would be useful on another team.  Okafor and Ariza could contribute to other teams.  Maybe Webster or Crawford. 

Grunfeld thought he was doing a good thing when he traded Rashard Lewis for two guys who could contribute in Okafor and Ariza even though they had longer contracts. 

Okafor and Ariza are decent players but adding decent players to a team full of crap players only gets you from 8 wins to 10 wins.  Doing that at the cost of removing any flexibility under the salary cap was a disastrously bad decision for a team full of crap players like the Wizards are.

If Ted really thinks that it's injuries or bad breaks that are the reasons for this mess, then there is every reason to think Grunfeld might have the lattitude to go out and make another trade.  Something useful (like an expiring contract - Rashart Lewis) for something marginally useful (Okafor) to add another win or two.  Another win or two does nothing to help the Wizards.  If the marginally useful piece has a long contract that takes up cap space, that actually hurts them.