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Re: NBA Washington Wizards 2012-2013 Season
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Here is Leonsis on last night - he again misses the point completely and thinks it is matter of just hitting a few shots late in games rather than a complete overhaul of the way things are done and have been for the past several years. 

He notes that with Nene in the game, they were much better than the opposing team (that was without its best post player in Varejao).  How does he not note that without Nene, they were nearly 30 points worse in the 20 or so minutes that Nene did not play?  That is remarkably bad and should be an idictment of this (his)miserable roster of players.  But he clings to just 'hitting a few shots in crunch time.'

NOT knowing how to win close ones
Posted on December 27, 2012 by Ted

Take a look at the box score from last night’s game.

The Wizards shot the ball well; and we rebounded well. And we had more assists, too.

With two call ups from the D league as our point guards – we moved the ball well and we ran much more; we were able to get some easy buckets. And with Nene in the game – we were a plus 25.

But we had twice the turn overs as the other team, 20 to 10 – and we were out shot at the free throw line by 5 points; and we lose by 3 points in another disheartening loss.

At crunch time – we don’t hit big shots – or we miss one of two free throws, or we make a turnover. Lots of little things add up to another game that was winnable; and turns into a loss.

We must turn close losses into close wins, to gain confidence.

The only sliver of good news is we seem to be on the mend with many of our injured players looking like they may be back in uniform and playing in January.