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Re: NBA Washington Wizards 2012-2013 Season
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Anyone still watching?  They started a guy last night at point guard who was signed the day before.

Cut Mack, sign Pargo.  Pargo sucks.  Cut Pargo, sign Livingston.  Livingston sucks.  Cut Livingston, sign Mack and start him the next day.

Both recent lottery picks look like turds and the third is out indefinitely with an injury that has ended careers before.

In a break with basketball orthodoxy and the way in which substitutions are made and have been made for the past 30 years, the coach has decided to play every player on the roster for 12 minutes a game, broken up into 3 minute intervals.

There is an NBA team that has lost 16 games in a row and still has more than twice as many wins as the Wizards, thanks to the fact that they have beaten the Wizards twice already this year.

There is no plan.  There is only alternately flailing about wildly and then remaining flaccid as a dead fish might.  And the owner blathers on about continuity and the importance of staying positive.