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Re: NBA Washington Wizards 2012-2013 Season
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Nobody in DC cares about the Wizards.  It's pretty sad.  Teams have built and rebuilt many times over while the Wizards have floundered for 30+ years.  I guess part of it is all the losing and the other part is that the NBA seems content with the extreme lack of parity with only LA, Chicago, Miami, etc. being good every year and most teams having little to no shot.

Still, with no hockey, you'd think the Wizards would at least garner some attention with the season opener tonight.

The Bullets/Wiz have had poor GM's for years.    I think that's the problem.   Of course, the owners hire these guys and over the last 30 years that was primarily Pollin.    I hope Leonsis gets it right when he gives Grunfeld the boot.