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Re: NBA Washington Wizards 2012-2013 Season
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It's true, at least they try.  It's better than watching Blatche and McGee and Young out there.  The guys currently on the Wiz just aren't good enough.  Can't shoot and can't rebound.  What exactly does Vesely do well?  Okafor and Booker had 15 points and 10 rebounds.  The starting big guys for the Mavs, Kaman and Brand, had 34 and 20.  So they cna't outscore them, outrebound them, or defend them - what exactly are they good for?  Seraphin is the only 4/5 with any hope of competing, even against guys that many consider to be washed up.

The two highest draft picks currently playing, Vesely and Beal, look terrible right now.  Beal at least has some hope.  The Mavs rookie 2nd round Jae Crowder had a much better game than the very highly paid Ariza who appears also to be good at something other than scoring, rebounding, or defending - what exactly, I'm not sure.

End rant.

Vesely must play good d or something. They came back with him in there last night. He does seem to take charges more than others. I have no stats to back this up and limited viewing. Beal is appatently a shooter who can't...shoot. He misses everything. Same size hoop and ball as hs and college. I dont know what his problem is