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Re: NBA Washington Wizards 2012-2013 Season
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5 games into the season and already looking forward to lottery night.  Who cares, Wizards won't get a top pick unless there is a Kwame Brown in the draft.

Nene apparently out indefinitely with plantar fasciitis.  Same condition Mark Price had.  I remember when they traded for him and then he and Webber played like 5 minutes combined that year.  Then Howard had a great year, Miami signed him and the Bullets got a mulligan and then signed him for 100+ million (Werth-like contract).  Then Howard fell off soon after that and was booed every time he touched the ball.  Then they traded for Rod 'hot dog' Strickland, sent out Webber for Mitch Richmond.  Good job Unseld.  Then the Gilbert nonsense - couple of playoff appearances and then the finga gunz crap.

Kind of stream of consciousness blathering on patheticness of DC basketball - same crap, different year.