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Re: Nationals @ Orioles, Game 2
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Comparative dates on which the Nationals notched their 41st win, each season:

2005 - 20th June (70th match of season)
2012 - 23rd June (69th match)
2011 - 1st July (82nd match)
2010 - 21st July (95th match)
2006 - 21st July (97th match)
2007 - 21st July (97th match)
2008 - 3rd August (111th match)
2009 - 14th August (116th match)


THIS DAY WITH THE '05 OVERACHIEVERS: Thursday 23rd June 2005 was a travel day - the Anaheim/Texas/Pittsburgh away trip now completed (5-4), heading home to open a six-match homestand against the Blue Jays and Pirates...record 42-30.


Attendance 46,298...the Saturday and Friday Nats visits are the third and fourth (respectively) highest-drawing home fixtures at Preparation H Park at Camden Yards this season (topped only by the home opener and the Phillies Saturday visit). On the radio last night Slowes was saying a sell-out is expected Sunday as well.