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Re: 2012 Playoff Invoices
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FULL Season ticket holders since 05

The rest follow.

My friend who now works Part time at Giant (and has eorked for Giant for over 20 years both full and part time) has a better contract as far as overtime pay then those who came recently after.

She gets (I believe) time and a half for Sundays and holidays while new contract people only get a dollar more.

It does get my Dander up because thats why Ive kept my season tickets uninterrupted since 05!  Even through almost a year of unemployment in the hopes that steady longevity counts for something!

Not sure how Giant employment policies factor into this case, but I really do think that you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you think that longevity will be a major factor in playoff ticket priority.  In the end you'll be able to buy tickets, just for more money than you may want to pay and for downgraded seats from your regular spot.  Guaranteed that however the team handles the playoff ticket prices that a large percentage of STHers end up pissed off.  I'm just counting on getting in the door for each of the games and avoiding the 400 level and the 100s near the foul poles and I'll be happy.