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Re: 2012 Playoff Invoices
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My Cal - does this thread get your dander up ?

Using your logic, fulltime employees get better benefits than parttime employees.

So how do the Nationals handle more than one party sharing the same seat(s) with 2 or more partial plans ?

Then take into account seats that are distributed to the AL team, members of Congress, and other MLB dignitaries ...

This could be an interesting problem to solve - a resource allocation problem.  But teams go through this every year, so it will get resolved

If Ive been a season ticket holder since 05 (even if its partial) I shouldnt have to be put in any f-n lottery and let someone who's only had a plan since Stras or Harper be guaranteed a seat.  I dont care if you're a full season plan holder!  Loyalty should be rewarded!  I was on the list for season tickets before the team and stadium deal was even FINALIZED!  I WILL GET PLAYOFF SEATS GUARANTEED (LIKE OPENING DAY).

I work longer for a company, my bebefits are better than those who joined the company later!