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Re: 2012 Playoff Invoices
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1 year = 81 games x $22 (per seat is what I avg in infield gallery) = $173___
7 years of 20 games at $22 per seat is twice that amt!

True in that case, but not the example I was using. My comment was specifically about the idea that someone who had 8 years of 10 or 20 game packages for a 13 dollar seat suggesting in general that a new full STH should not get a access to a better seat for the playoffs. If someone had just purchased a full season package for a 45, 50, 55, 60 dollar seats (which covers the infield seats in the lower bowl and the S&S club), they are investing between $3645 and 4860 per seat for one season compared to between 1040 and 2080 over 8 years. There seemed to be some argument that having a longstanding package in the upper deck should give someone a chance to take a seat away from a full STH in a prime location. I don't buy that argument for a number of reasons, the financial aspect only being one consideration. In general, if you are buying a seat for a season, you should get first claim at that seat. The overall tenure and level of investment can be factored into the priority for everyone else.