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Re: 2012 Playoff Invoices
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As knowledge of how STH status impacted postseason tickets in Cleveland...last decade as well as the 90s.

If you have full season tickets, you had first rights to purchase your individual season seats to all postseason games at a marked up price. Back in the 90s that was at a 250% markup on the tickets I know of for first round, and up to 400% for WS. Partial plan holders of 1/2 season had guarenteed tickets "near" their seats for 50% of the games, and in their seats for the other 50%. After that, it was all lottery. So lottery to partials first, then lottery to lesser partials, then lottery to full STH for extras, and finally lottery to non STH for whatever was like (probably like 42 tickets to each game).

You paid up front, and if you didn't want in on your seats, you got put in to the STH lottery to pick individual games. If they didn't play every game in the series or didn't advance, you applied the $$ to tickets the next season, no refund for STH tickets.

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