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Re: 2012 Playoff Invoices
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I am pretty surprised to hear that I wouldn't be guaranteed my seats for World Series.  Because I'd better get my seats for World Series.  Will be super-super-super upset if Nats made WS and I was forced to 300 level.  FYI my prediction would be about double the price of whatever a non-STH premium game price is for your seats.  So for the $60 dugout seats that's $200.  Sounds about right.  I remember getting some basic info about playoffs in 2005 but not an invoice -- nothing like an invoice at all.  Could be wrong.

Edit: looked around on other websites and I feel confident that the vast majority of full-season STHs will be able to purchase their seat locations for the World Series.  Reds and Giants guarantee it 100%.  Cardinals almost guarantee it.  Yankees basically say we'll do whatever we can that's reasonable to get you your seats but MLB controls.  Those are the only 3 I looked at.

Interesting that the Cardinals would 'almost guarantee' WS seats since historically they have always drawn well and probably have a large STH base to boot...the Yankees remark makes more sense since not only do they in all likelihood have a large STH base but there are also a lot of corporate mucketymucks who would no doubt love extra tickets (that would quite likely be the case here too, with all the VIP's in this town). What a lot of it probably gets down to is how much of the total stadium capacity is requisitioned by the Commissioner's office, set against the size of the STH/PPH base.

BTW our STH benefits suck -- except of course for Red Carpet Rewards.  But if that gets removed or reduced, I want a whole slew of stuff like access to the field for batting practice, private autograph sessions, etc. like other teams.

Nats average attendance is now over 30k this season (best since Year 1 at RFK if this holds up); we haven't drawn less than 25k since the Padres series (14th-15th May). Not sure as yet if this has led to really large-scale growth in the STH/PPH base, but if there really is major growth in that base I could easily see some STH benefits (like RCR 'upgrading' to Presidents or Diamond Club, or Stars and Stripes Club passes) becoming limited to certain classes of STH or even phased out altogether - there just won't be enough to go around (remember that those RCR Presidents/Diamond 'upgrades' became fully subscribed as of two weeks ago -;topicseen#msg1072242).