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Re: 2012 Playoff Invoices
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I am pretty surprised to hear that I wouldn't be guaranteed my seats for World Series.  Because I'd better get my seats for World Series.  Will be super-super-super upset if Nats made WS and I was forced to 300 level.  FYI my prediction would be about double the price of whatever a non-STH premium game price is for your seats.  So for the $60 dugout seats that's $200.  Sounds about right.  I remember getting some basic info about playoffs in 2005 but not an invoice -- nothing like an invoice at all.  Could be wrong.

Edit: looked around on other websites and I feel confident that the vast majority of full-season STHs will be able to purchase their seat locations for the World Series.  Reds and Giants guarantee it 100%.  Cardinals almost guarantee it.  Yankees basically say we'll do whatever we can that's reasonable to get you your seats but MLB controls.  Those are the only 3 I looked at.  BTW our STH benefits suck -- except of course for Red Carpet Rewards.  But if that gets removed or reduced, I want a whole slew of stuff like access to the field for batting practice, private autograph sessions, etc. like other teams.