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Re: 2012 Playoff Invoices
« Reply #25: July 24, 2012, 10:56:02 PM »
What kind of prices does a non-season ticket holder who isn't buying the tickets from the Nats going to have to pay for a seat in the playoffs?

Based on the current attendance numbers the playoff games appear to be likely to sell out so that resale prices will be very high, $30-50 to get in the door, but there are major unknown factors such as what will happen if the weather gets cold early or if the Nats fall behind in the series or if the start times are late that could keep prices down.  Another factor is that the Nats always limit ticket sales in order to drive demand, so the scalpers will buy up a bunch of tickets early and then get stuck as more tickets become available, this has happened for opening day where resale prices have been half of face value.