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Re: That Magic Number: 22 (18 WC)
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That sounds nice but we still have 3 games vs them on the road and a 6 games against the Phillies who you know will be up to play against us.

I like our chances obviously but it's not going to be without some very tough games.

That might be for the best. We NEED to win some tough games down the stretch to get ready for the playoffs. Anybody remember the 1983 baseball season? Tony LaRussa's Chicago White Sox had the best record in all of baseball, and they clinched early. Yet they didn't get to the World Series. Give credit to the Orioles and Mike Boddicker, but I think winning the division easily may have made them too soft for the postseason.

Then again, I also remember the Tigers losing the division race to the Twins on the last game of the season. The Twins lost in the first round of the playoffs, and the Tigers managed to turn on the switch and play well up to the World Series when they forgot how to field bunts. If the Nats don't get injured, winning tough games against good opponents is what we need to do to get ready for the playoffs.