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Re: 2012 Playoff Invoices - Magic Number: 58
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Okay, here's a question for everyone (and I will ask my ticket rep as well, but just wanted to see if anyone on here knows the answer).

Here is the screen I get when I click on the link to purchase postseason tix.  My 2 partial-plan tickets are in 222 M, so 226 P is definitely a downgrade.  Not a huge deal.  The price listed is $370 each, plus a $20 fee, for a total of $760.  But looking at the fine print below, that doesn't include any WS games, as it says they will charge the amount above ($760) now, and then any balance for the WS on October 10.  It's not very clear, but it appears that $760 is only part of the total postseason cost.  If that's true, then yikes, I don't know how I can afford the whole package...