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Re: Nationals vs Rays, Game 2
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As a 28 yr old, I'd also never heard of these carts and cars. freaking awesome. Those things were pimped out to the max and insanely cool. Baseball lost something taking those out. God, having Clippard and company driven to the diamond by a pimped out Nats Golf Cart? Holy crap would I pay to see that for just one game.

The baseball caps as the tops for the carts is just awesome. The whole concept is awesome, and one I'd never heard of or seen before tonight. Thanks for posting the images. I'd probably have gone my entire life without ever knowing about them had it not been for your post.

Same here... they HAVE to bring them back for at least one game... a retro night? Make it happen! Bring back Bill Veck!

Thanks so much RL04!