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Re: Torchlight/Torchlight II Thread
« Reply #25: September 22, 2012, 12:15:53 AM »
lol the UI looks just like D2. And scroll TP's. Pretty awesome. I may be sold without even trying the game.

Is the plot like D2? Where as it's just you killing alot of demons... or is it something else?

TBH I haven't really been paying attention to the plot :lol:

The scrolls are pretty neat.  You have way points just like D2, but they let you port to other players as well.  The scroll opens a portal that acts pretty much like entering a way point.  When you go into it, you can chose to go to a certain way point or to town or to other players or other players open portal (I believe, haven't tried that).

I just love how things explode.  They either explode in to gibs or they explode into loot.  Definitely worth the $20 and Runic seems like they are a very cool company.  Since they don't sell boxed copies, they said they get the same amount of money selling on Steam for $20 as they would selling a boxed copy for $60 because of the manufacturing costs and things like that, so they felt $20 was fair.  They also aren't worried about piracy because they feel putting in all kinds of strict DRM and things to try to prevent it just hurt the legit players and it just gets cracked anyway.