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Re: Torchlight/Torchlight II Thread
« Reply #25: September 21, 2012, 11:59:25 PM »
Oh it's 20$? Interesting. I'll definitely try the demo though.

I think the Berserker sounds cool. I'm a sucker for druid and warlock/necromancer classes so anything that seems similar is where I'm at.

You also get 4 spell slots which you can use to learn spells from spell tomes (separate from your skill point abilities).  So any class can be a summoner if they have a spell tome to use to learn a spell.

Oh, also you get a pet.  Your pet has an inventory, can run to town and sell stuff, and can buy and bring you back scrolls of identify/portal and healing/mana pots.  There are fishing holes and the fish you get you can feed to your pet to transform them for an amount of time.  Like a Webfish will turn your pet into a spider that can snare enemies with spider webs or Bonefish that will turn your pet into a skeleton.