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Re: ryan perry-the starter
« Reply #25: August 24, 2012, 10:03:51 AM »
tom, you're getting predictable! I knew you'd have a response to that post, as well! :lol:


Waging the good fight, Linty.   Truth, justice, and the American Way.  To remain silent would imply acquiescence.

Among the hot buttons of injustice, in no particular order:

-Invoking the mythical "law of averages", like saying something is "due" when there's no support for it other than a string of recent opposite results.
-Jinx fairy, any superstition at all
-Fly balls don't carry as well in humid conditions.

I tolerate a few other indiscretions better - "loose" in lieu of "lose", for example, or "Strassburg".    :lol: